Third-Party Risk Industry Solutions

Third-Party Risk Industry Solutions and Use Cases

At Optiv, our business is security and our focus is mitigating risk. As part of our comprehensive risk portfolio, we help protect countless enterprises from unnecessary exposure through our third-party risk management (TPRM) solution. We help clients in a range of industries and in all departments across their organization. Our solutions and approach add value, efficiency of operation and can address third-party risk responsibilities at any level of the organization. We help clients plan, develop and manage their vendor management program through people, process and technology solutions specially tailored to the organization’s needs, requirements and capabilities.

Optiv’s TPRM services go beyond addressing relationships and business risk. For organizations seeking to identify and address risk, Optiv has developed and refined our third-party risk engagement strategy to comprehensively identify, assess and mitigate enterprise exposure.

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Industry Solutions

The management of third-party risk varies from industry to industry as a result of various regulations and compliance requirements. Optiv’s risk management platform, Evantix, features an ’ever growing library of regulations and standards, allowing organizations to manage requirements relevant to their specific needs.


Evantix’s compliance software helps ensure your third parties meet baseline HIPAA and other regulatory compliance requirements, in addition to meeting your specific standards. Exceeding baseline requirements demonstrates to network partners and patients that your organization is committed to maintaining privacy and security.

Financial Services

Our legal, risk and compliance system adds tremendous value by providing context and flagging potential risks associated with all of the organization’s legal decisions. Having strong and clear visibility into various aspects of the company is crucial so counsel can make informed decisions.

Technology and Media

Information technology and media organizations carry a great deal of supply chain and third-party risk. Optiv helps clients meet and exceed industry standards by partnering to plan, develop and manage their third-party risk program. We assist organizations by focusing on protecting personal information and compliance requirements across the supply chain, as well as industry standards and processes.

Energy and Utilities

Energy, utilities and industrial companies are a large component of the critical infrastructure on which other global industries rely. Optiv’s clients in the these sectors rely on us to help protect data privacy and survey third-party controls, as well as gather information from third parties. Optiv’s TPRM services enable clients within these industries to adapt a risk-based approach to their vendor risk management.

Third-Party Management Across The Organization

Optiv can help tie the management of third-party risk and compliance throughout your organization, depending where ownerships resides. Optiv’s Evantix SaaS platform helps ease the compliance burden by providing standardized, on-demand risk reports to enable your organization with quick, accurate and cost effective visibility across the organization.

Information Security

Security teams have limited time and resources to gather data and keep pace with compliance requirements. Audit fatigue can be a constant burden on the team’s time. Our TPRM solution can help IT security professionals manage governance, policies, risk, compliance and auditing in an integrated manner.


Procurement teams are responsible for the information shared through suppliers and vendors. Optiv’s solution works to standardize risk assessments and contract management processes. We can help you build a comprehensive program to manage regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and administration of contractual commitments.

Legal Risk and Compliance

Legal, risk and compliance professionals are required to operate with absolute integrity in assuring the company is acting within the law. Optiv assists legal teams in managing both internal and external risk exposure. Our services, combined with the Evantix risk platform, provide strategy and visibility into an organization’s vendor management program to help inform legal decisions.

As a Third-Party

When your organization is a third-party provider, you need a cohesive relationship management program to promote a healthy business. Customers will request varying audits aligned to their third-party risk management requirements. Optiv can provide your organization with comprehensive risk-assessments that meet most customer requirements, saving you time and money.

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