Plan, Build and Run Your Security Operations Using Automation, Orchestration, Analytics and Reporting

Next-Gen Security Operations

A highly collaborative, effective and efficient security operation shouldn’t be out of reach. It takes proper planning and expertise to integrate your disparate systems and accurately prioritize threat tasks. In addition, your platforms should be tuned in real-time to respond to the changing threat landscape by using advanced automation and analytics as a foundation.

Optiv can help you transform your advanced security controls into an integrated program that covers detection, orchestration, automation, analytics, incident response, measurement and reporting.

Realize Key Outcomes Across Security Metrics

  • Higher return on overall technology investment
  • Increased volume of incidents handled
  • Faster mean time to resolution
  • Improved average time between detection and response 
  • Faster time to ticket acknowledgment
  • Improved time between initial alert and true positive/false positive determination
  • Lower ratio of false positives
  • Overall SLA improvements
  • Reduced likelihood or impact of a successful cyber attack
  • Reduction in actualized threats
  • Reduced headcount for platform management and threat monitoring

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53 %

Percentage of organizations that state their resources are too busy on routine operations to improve their IT security capabilities*

62 %

Percentage of enterprise security decision makers that report not having enough security staff**

65 %

Percentage of enterprise security decision makers that state finding employees with the right skills is a challenge**





*Source: IDC’s 2017 Security Survey, IDC, April 2017
**Source: Breakout Vendors: Security Automation and Orchestration (SAO) report, Forrester Research, Inc., April 2017






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