Addressing Critical Attacks While Minimizing Impact To Your Business

Advanced Threat

The presence of malicious code in your network infrastructure is an unavoidable consequence of doing business. Piling on malware defense controls frequently results in overburdened security staff, preventing them from detecting and responding to targeted attacks efficiently. The truth is discovering malware is only half of the story. Widespread backdoors, irregular computer access patterns and data leaving your systems are all signs that you may have fallen victim to an advanced attack.

Advanced attacks are ones that know their target, penetrate systems and operate with the intent of manipulating, obtaining or destroying your data. While some attackers are merely there to wreak havoc, most have targeted systems with the aim of financial gain or competitive advantage. Once inside, these attacked can be relentless in pursuit of their goal.

At Optiv, we take pride in curating the most brilliant security practitioners, consultants and researchers to provide solutions to the challenges you face. These experts can assess your environment, reverse engineer malicious code that attackers leave behind, and help you understand what happened to your systems and why. In addition to aiding your recovery, we can help obtain and preserve details of the event for regulators or to support legal action. We also provide a comprehensive set of proactive incident response services to help prepare for, or even avoid, an attack.



70-90 %

Percentage of malware samples unique to an organization*

40 %

Percentage of enterprises that will have formal plans to address cyber security business disruption in 2018**

125 %

Criminal attacks in healthcare are up 125 percent since 2010 and are now the leading cause of data breach***





*Source: Verizon
**Source: Gartner
***Source: Ponemon Institute






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