Managed Detection and Response

Detect, Investigate, Hunt and Respond to Threats 24x7x365

Today’s attackers can compromise systems within minutes of an attack. To reduce risk, leading organizations often rely on a next-generation endpoint solution for continuous monitoring and automatic threat detection. However, these organizations may fall short in their internal threat analysis capabilities limiting the value these technologies deliver. This results in an inability to triage suspicious samples and respond quickly with appropriate measures, defenses and controls.

Optiv’s managed detection and response (MDR) service augments your next-generation endpoint security technology detection capabilities by continuously monitoring alerts and shortening your response times. Our expert threat analysis team uses advanced tools and techniques to respond to and contain malicious threats more effectively.

  • Go beyond alerts to achieve continous risk awareness
  • Accelerate analysis and response to known and zero-day threat activity
  • Enhance investigation with malware experts and threat intelligence integration
  • Operationalize your program’s detection and response components
  • Maximize your investment by leveraging our virtual team 24x7x365

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Continuously monitor endpoints


Analyze samples 24x7x365


Hunt threats down


Manage and respond to incidents

Service Components


Alert Investigation

Optiv monitors, collects, prioritizes, classifies, tracks, udpates and escalates alerts 24x7x365 to identify malicious activity in your environment.

  • Alert Investigation
  • Incident Notification
Sample Analysis Optiv conducts static, dynamic and interactive analysis to examine a sample's code or behavior.
  • Sample Analysis
Threat Hunting

Hunts are executed when related or relevant threat intelligence is received, or in response to an active incident investigation.

  • Threat Hunting
Intel Integration

Optiv ensures newly generated intelligence is automatically integrated into your environment while providing reports and advisories highlighting threat protection techniques.

  • Intelligence Integration
Incident Management

Depending on the service tier selected, Optiv will manage your endpoint technology and provide reactive and/or proactive incident management.

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