INFOGRAPHIC: Making Sense of IAM

By Randy Pringle ·

Let’s face it, developing an Identity & Access Management (IAM) program can be a complex undertaking that must be tailored to each organization’s unique needs. Most technology managers recognize the value of IAM; however, educating others on the business value proposition can sometimes get confusing real quick. The infographic below provides high-level talking points to generate meaningful discussions around why IAM is important to your business objectives. Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to start the conversation. H/T to Ping Identity

Randy Pringle

Solutions Marketing Manager

Randy Pringle brings more than 15 years of integrated marketing solutions experience in the information security and technology space. Experience includes partner marketing strategies, thought leadership, campaign program designs and execution, and education and awareness. As a marketing manager, Randy focuses on strengthening marketing programs to help clients and employees learn behavioral changing tactics to protect personal and corporate data.