John Labelle

Senior Consultant

John is a senior security consultant with Optiv’s application security team. In this role, he specializes in source code review.


Mobile App Testing With Automation Trickery in Frida

· By John Labelle ·

When you spend a lot of time doing security testing on mobile apps like I do, you begin to worry that a large part of your life will be spent rebooting mobile apps that have stopped responding. Frida is a powerful testing tool and I love using it, but something I have had to come to terms with is: Stomping your way through an application's runtime is occasionally going to provoke its ire. And programming defensively is one thing, but I can't exactly blame a developer for not thinking, "How do I handle it if every parameter in this function is passed a null reference, instead of the data I painstakingly parsed from the server?"

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