Jeff Wichman

Managing Security Consultant, Enterprise Incident Management

Jeff Wichman is a managing security consultant in Optiv’s enterprise incident management practice. Jeff’s role is to provide leadership to the enterprise incident management security consultants, technical expertise in digital forensics and incident response programs and processes, and mentoring the Optiv enterprise incident management team.


The Business Trusts the Third Party – Should You?

· By James Robinson, Jeff Wichman ·

In this day and age we are faced with some hard facts within information security. One of those facts is that breaches are imminent and we must be prepared. Watching events unfold around us, organizations have taken to heart that breaches and incidents are a top priority, not only to prevent but to have a plan ready to respond if they are impacted. As a result, an increased number of organizations have invested in incident response (IR) tools, processes, skilled resources, as well as retainer and managed services. However, we still find there is progress to be made.

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Maturing IR Capabilities into an Incident Management Program – Part 2 of 3

· By Jenn Black, Jeff Wichman, Case Barnes, Erik Schmidt, Curtis Fechner ·

The capability to respond effectively to cyber incidents is one of the most critical components of an enterprise security program. However, many companies still lack a solid incident response program (IRP) entirely or don’t take incident response planning seriously enough.

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