Daniel Brennan

Cloud Security Architect

Daniel Brennan is an accomplished cloud security architect with over 30 years of IT experience. As a cloud security architect, he helps to ensure the successful integrated delivery of cloud security solutions. He works with teams across Optiv to ensure clients have the right information, guidance, and strategy to successfully secure their environments.


Agile and Proactive Security Assessments of AWS Cloud Deployments

· By Daniel Brennan ·

Most companies have security personnel, but their expertise in the cloud may be limited. To have a team of highly trained AWS security experts on staff is a bit of a rarity. Yet, security in the cloud is often paramount to the success of the organization. As a result, organizations often call Optiv to assess the current state of their AWS implementations and report on security findings. We often find that the first hurdle to overcome is not technical in nature but related to developing trusted partnerships within the organization. We and our clients are able to do our best, and better achieve the businesses’ unique objectives, when we are tightly aligned.

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