Charlie Koehler

Aruba Enterprise Architect

Charlie Koehler brings more than 15 years of experience to his current role. As an Aruba Enterprise Architect, Koehler is responsible for working with the sales teams across the country to design and scope projects of all sizes and technologies. Charlie extends his assistance throughout the company to assist other teams in his areas of expertise as needed. He also works very closely with different teams from the delivery side of the company to plan overall solutions that can be used across the company.


KRACK - What you need to know about Key Reinstallation AttaCKs

· By Matthew Eidelberg, Steven Darracott, Charlie Koehler, Josh Wyatt ·

On Monday, October 16, researchers announced the discovery of several vulnerabilities within the wireless protocol WPA and WPA2. The details of these vulnerabilities—dubbed KRACK—have not been disclosed in full to the public, as researchers only released a whitepaper and a video outlining the vulnerabilities.

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