Aaron Martin

Security Consultant, Attack and Penetration

Aaron Martin is a security consultant in Optiv’s Advisory Services practice on the attack and penetration (A&P) team. Aaron’s role is to provide consulting to Optiv’s clients with expertise in penetration testing. He is an experienced information systems security practitioner who specializes in penetration testing, computer network exploitation and computer network defense.


ATT&CK Series: Process Injection, Bypass User Account Control, Exploitation for Privilege Escalation

· By Aaron Martin ·

When it comes to network security and protecting against potential breaches, a vast majority of companies spend large portions of their budget on hardening the perimeter of their networks to prevent initial access. Some commonly overlooked factors are implementing host-based access controls and hardening systems and applications within internal networks to mitigate an attacker from escalating privileges after an initial foothold has been gained. In this post, we will delve into ATT&CK’s Privilege Escalation techniques and tactics from an adversarial perspective.

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Criminals Often Prey on Victims… Know the Top 5 Things to Protect Yourself

· By Shane Jones, Aaron Martin, Michael Small ·

Criminals oftentimes utilize current events (natural disasters, large data breaches, public massacres, terrorist attacks, etc.) to target not just the friends and families of the victims, but also the general population that may be familiar with the event. Referencing current happenings is a way to leverage sociological instincts and prey upon people's familiarity with a specific event.

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