Accuvant LABS' Malware Blog -- The Origin

By Jeff Horne ·

In the battle against Malware it’s clear that Malware is winning. Infection rates climb every year, and newer, more advanced Malware is deployed faster. Black market economies are being built by Malware, and they are maturing to a point where economies of scale are being achieved.

It’s also clear that we, as the security community, are not doing a great job with cooperation. Malware samples are often treated like intellectual property (IP) instead of having the widest audience investigating the code. Also, information regarding particular samples can be incomplete and even contradictory.

Accuvant has made a revolutionary decision to challenge this status quo by opening up our insight into malware. Samples will be shared, commented disassemblies will be served up, and analysis regarding samples will be available to the public. No longer will Malware have the benefit of disconnections and an inability to share analysis within the security community.

The platform we have chosen is the Accuvant LABS malware blog. We will be distributing our analysis, samples, and disassemblies freely with the public. We invite you, the community, to similarly share your analysis and findings however you see fit to start a new chapter in the fight against malware. If you are unable to contribute your analysis, then we welcome you to ours. Together, let’s fight the Malware threat.

Here is what Accuvant will be sharing with the community on this blog:

  • Detailed disassemblies
  • In-depth analysis
  • Samples of Malware
  • Removal scripts
  • Signature data
  • YARA scripts