Accuvant Announces Malware Emergency Response

-- New Service Helps Clients
Remove and Contain Malware in Emergency Situations --

Las Vegas – Aug. 3, 2011 – Accuvant, the only research-driven information security partner delivering alignment, clarity and confidence to enterprise and government clients, today announced the availability of Malware Emergency Response. This new service combines proven malware analysis methodologies, best-of-breed identification tools, and the unparalleled skills of Accuvant LABS’ elite research team to help clients quickly and comprehensively identify and remediate malicious software (malware) outbreaks. 

“The threat communities that have been responsible for compromises in the past are evolving in a way that we’ve never before seen,” said Jeff Horne, Accuvant LABS malware solutions practice manager. “Organizations that have not historically been targets for malicious attacks are today being compromised over and over again. The effects can be devastating, resulting in a tarnished reputation and in many cases, requiring an organization to take down core business functions, causing them to lose millions of dollars in revenue and/or productivity each day. Malware Emergency Response helps organizations efficiently identify, contain, and remove malware so they can get back up and running as quickly as possible and minimize negative repercussions.”

Malware Emergency Response leverages Accuvant LABS’ extensive experience in responding to mission critical incidents to provide unmatched levels of expertise and assistance to the evolving and constant threat that clients face on a daily basis. Malware Emergency Response implements a rapid and comprehensive process of discovery, malware analysis, reverse engineering, host analysis and mitigation when time is of the essence and understanding what happened, how it happened and the impact to the environment is most critical.

During this service, the Accuvant LABS team uses next generation processes to accurately gauge the impact and business risk the malware poses to an organization.  The process begins with world-class reverse engineering resources identifying communication channels and backdoor capabilities the authors have implemented in the malware. Once identified, the Accuvant LABS team enumerates any exfiltrated data and closes the communication channels to prevent reinfection. The team then uses the unique capabilities and requirements of the client’s network to determine the most optimal method to remove the infection.  Finally, Accuvant makes recommendations that help the client ensure its network is hardened against future compromise.

The world’s best and most respected attack and penetration team, Accuvant LABS has provided penetration testing, application and enterprise security assessments, vulnerability research and training to more than 2,000 clients across industry verticals.

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Accuvant is the only research-driven information security partner delivering alignment between IT security and business objectives, clarity to complex security challenges and confidence in complex security decisions.

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