Washington DC IAM Roadshow 2017

 City Club of Washington DC

 Speaking Engagement


Optiv and our partners invite you to an informative lunch to learn about why adding more IAM can actually introduce more risk and chaos to your security environment.

Breaches increased in 2016 by forty percent despite increased spending on security. Compromised credentials and insider threats continue to be a leading cause. If you’ve been taking a reactive approach to security, it's time for a different approach. Join us for an industry view of identity-centric security, an approach that can actually increase the return on your security investments, while providing greater protection.

You will learn:

  • Why your security team should be a key stakeholder (if not owner) of identity and access management
  • Specific use cases where IAM can better enable your organization’s security investments
  • The customer and industry perspective on how to implement this approach and how it is being embraced by organizations like yours

For more information and to register, please visit the registration page.