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You are at the center of innovation. You transform organizations and you lead the way. Oktane17 is all you. Join thousands of fellow IT professionals for three days of networking, 1:1 time with experts, insight into new product features, powerful keynote speakers and exploring the extraordinary power of you.

We are proud to have Richard Bird, executive director, co-present at the conference.

There Are No More Outsiders
In this age of organizations scrambling to finally include identity as the core of their security strategy we still divide the world into a fictitious construct of “insiders” and “outsiders”. Phishing has exposed the truth of what many already knew; that an “outsider” does not truly exist once internal credentials have been breached. That “outsider” is now fully an “insider” and due to our security frameworks still being highly oriented towards protecting the perimeter, monitoring and management of internal user credentials is still highly deficient in most companies. Instead of thinking about “insiders” and “outsiders”, it is time to acknowledge that there are no more “outsiders”. There are only actors that you are in relationship with and those you are not yet in relationship with. Learn how you can rethink the problem of identity and uncover new methods and approaches to protect your company by attending this session, led by the former global head of identity for JPMorgan Chase and current Executive Advisory consultant for Optiv, Richard Bird, and Colin Anderson, Global Chief Information Security Officer at Levi Strauss & CO.
Tuesday, August 29, 10:45am | Security Track

Optiv is a platinum sponsor of Oktane17. To learn more about this event and to register, please visit the conference website.