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For the past 6 years, McAfee has hosted their annual FOCUS conference for customers and partners. They offer security experts a program packed with valuable and timely content on the changing security landscape. Next October FOCUS 14: Empowering the Connected World (the 7th annual conference) will offer deep dives and technical content to help you better manage the security networks within your organization.

FOCUS will offer you a unique opportunity to learn directly from other McAfee users. Hear real-world scenarios from McAfee customers and learn how they maintain the highest standards of security while reducing costs, streamlining processes, and driving efficiencies in the daily administration of their networks and systems. Network with security peers who share your challenges, concerns and issues, and learn more about their own success strategies. Understand how innovative, market-leading companies are using McAfee’s security technology to build and sustain a competitive advantage.

Accuvant is proud to have four experts speaking at FOCUS this year. 

The Business-Security Paradox
Almost every conversation about IT security within a corporate environment ends in agreement about the value. Why, then, with that near unanimous consent, do most organizations refuse to fund security departments and programs at even their most basic levels? The answer:  IT Security = Risk Mitigation. IT Security Funding = Insurance. At the most basic level, corporations are very hesitant to fund programs that are preventative by their very nature. How do you prove the value of insurance? In this session, Curtis Davis, practice director of partner solutions, will explore the revenue/cost model vs, the insurance model for IT security, quantifying the risks associated with breaches, and recommendations for security funding discussions. 
When/Where: Tuesday, October 28, 1:10pm-1:40pm/Expo Networking Area

Integrating Next-Generation McAfee Network IDS/IPS Systems into Virtual Infrastructure
McAfee Network Intrusion Prevention System offers a powerful platform for protecting your physical network and blocking malicious threats. This technology can now be deployed in a virtual form factor providing the same advanced protection, as well as enhancing security for your virtual infrastructure. In this session, Russ Tegan and Troy Caswell, Accuvant solutions architects, will discuss the benefits of deploying McAfee virtual IPS, give architectural tips and recommendations on the proper placement of virtual IPS sensors, and explore best practices for implementing virtual IPS sensors in your environment.
When/Where: Tuesday, October 28, 2:30pm-3:20pm/Titian

Scratching Under the Surface - Exploring the Capabilities of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager
A mismanaged SIEM leads to ineffective reports and a deluge of alerts. In this session, Darrin Govan, senior SIEM engineer, will discuss best practices to maximize the value of your McAfee Enterprise Security Manager SIEM environment through dashboard building, report and alarm construction, and other activities. You will hear use cases developed from real-world experiences.
When/Where: Wednesday, October 29, 2:30pm-3:20pm/Titian

Accuvant is a platinum sponsor at FOCUS. For more information on this event, please visit the conference website.