LayerOne 2015

 Monrovia DoubleTree Hotel

 Speaking Engagement

LayerOne is a computer security conference located in Los Angeles, California. Since 2004, they’ve featured speakers from all across the globe and on topics ranging from lockpicking and MPLS security to covert data gathering and HIPAA compliance. The speakers come from a diverse background and include a focus not just on the nuts and bolts of technology but the social impact as well.

One of the defining features of LayerOne is the overwhelming amount of hands-on workshops, events, and contests available to all attendees. From electronics to lock picking to no-holds-barred hacking competitions, LayerOne has something for everyone to learn more and enjoy themselves throughout the conference.

We are proud to have Matthew Hoy speaking at LayerOne this year.

Smartphone Security and Privacy for the General Public
It seems that we are doomed to use “consumer grade” smartphones with little choice between phone operating systems – Android OS and iOS are the clear market leaders. This is not a hardware talk and we are open to having a panel with others that might be hardware or reverse experts. Our talk aims to help a consumer secure either device and provide some guidance and caveats to working with each operating system. The talk will provide “consumer” hardening steps for each platform for the general public (e.g. parents or non tech friends). The talk will also investigate shrink wrapped Tailored Access Operations (TAO) and provide some general guidance to ensure that you have a clean operating system to start with. Matt will cover applications and cloud use since we are going to be “connected”. David will also rant about end user stupidity, which is the obvious reason why we can’t have nice things.

For more information on this event, please visit the conference website.