InfraGard Oregon Chapter Meeting

 NW Natural | Portland

 Speaking Engagement


InfraGard is designed to address the need for private and public-sector information-sharing mechanisms at both the national and local levels. Its objectives are:

  • Provide members a forum for education and training on infrastructure vulnerabilities and protection measures
  • Insure the protection of computer intrusion/threat data shared among InfraGard members and the FBI Field Offices through compliance with proprietary, legal, and security requirements 
  • Increase the quantity and quality of intelligence based infrastructure intrusion/threat reports provided to local FBI Field Offices (for investigation and follow-up) 
  • Increase interaction and information sharing among InfraGard members and their associated local FBI Field Offices on infrastructure threats, vulnerabilities, and interdependencies

We are proud to have Heath Nieddu speaking at the meeting.

Threats Inside and Out: A Program Creation Approach
Critical infrastructure security leaders have come to terms with the fact that trusted insiders and increasingly bold external threats represent a chronic problem. Now they are looking for ways to build non-reactive strategies and sell those strategies to senior management. The good news is many security programs have tools to address their threat needs, but need clear planning to coordinate their efforts. We will review online tools and resources to help gain insight about threats and programmatic solutions.

For more information on this event, please visit the meeting website.