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Ignite 2017 offers the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to give you and your organization a clear advantage against today's sophisticated cyber criminals and threats. It is where your toughest security challenges can be solved; it's the security conference you can't afford to miss! We know you are busy and under mounting pressure to enable applications while keeping your organization's computing environment secure. That's why Ignite was designed to maximize your time with highly technical, interactive and educational sessions that will provide actionable insights and immediately applicable best practices to improve your organization's security posture.

We are proud to have John Turner and Rafal Los presenting at Ignite.

Lessons Learned From the Trenches – All Clouds Are Not Created Equal
In a recent engagement with a client, a classic case of “who’s on first?” transpired between the client, Optiv and Palo Alto Networks and a third-party developer with each party having their own interpretation of a “cloud environment.” Through this experience, we discovered the challenges in finding the sweet spot of intersection between desired capabilities, third-party capabilities and native cloud capabilities to achieve the desired cloud strategy for the enterprise.
Wednesday, June 14, 8:00am-8:50am | Track 8 - Technology Integration with Palo Alto Networks

Beyond Data and Indicators: Integrating Cyber Threat Intelligence Across Enterprise IT
A cyber threat intelligence (CTI) function is essential to the modern enterprise. Understanding actors, attacks and indicators is essential to mounting a relevant defense against both sophisticated actors and those not-so sophisticated. This talk discusses relevant ways enterprises have integrated their CTI functions into various parts of enterprise IT to prevent, detect, respond and recover more effectively. By sharing some of these leading practices and more advanced integrations attendees can gain the tribal knowledge today's progressive CISOs already have.
Thursday, June 15, 8:00am-8:50am | Track 10 - Threat Research/Unit 42

Optiv is a silver sponsor of Ignite. For more information on this event, and to register please visit the conference website.