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People, applications and devices are gravitating toward a digital world where they all recognize and interact with each other. This digital world is being built on a foundation of identity security designed by a community of people with a shared vision, from technologists and practitioners to thought leaders and end users. This is the identiverse. What started eight years ago as the Cloud Identity Summit has evolved to something much bigger. It lives and breathes every day. And once a year it really shines. It summons the brightest minds in identity and security to gather and share the tools, technology and best practices that are built for today and the future. The identiverse positions enterprises to realize the full potential of a digital economy—one where identity unlocks uncompromising digital experiences that are secure and seamless for everyone.

Optiv has numerous speaking sessions at Identiverse this year:

The Walls Have Come Down, But Are You Ready?
Aubrey Turner, Director Client Solutions - IAM
Monday, June 25, 9:30-9:55 am | Room 312
Identity has long been deemed the new perimeter, but is this approach working? Despite increased spending on identity programs, organizations are still being breached at a record level. The majority of successful hacks are using compromised credentials. How can you protect your organization from a breach, while meeting expanding compliance mandates? In this session you’ll learn: • How the lack of spending on identity is adversely impacting organizations. • Where you should focus your efforts to establish a solid IAM foundation. • Why identity is quickly becoming the language of security.

Digital Transformation Enabled by Security Matrix
Tom DeFelice, Executive Director - Advisory Services
Monday, June 25, 2:00-2:25 pm | Room 312
As organizations quickly evolve into a more digital economy, DevOps teams spin applications and workloads at a pace that traditional security teams struggle to keep up with. Organizations can solve for this challenge by building secure-by-default solutions that leverage a matrix of secure reference architecture. This provides DevOps with a library of pre-approved and pre-validated solutions that are aligned to your data and workload classification. In this session, you will learn: • What a matrix of secure reference architecture entails. • What a workload classification looks like. • A sample reference architecture. • How the matrix will benefit you and your organization.

The Personnel Behavioral Program - The Link Between Identity Governance, Individual Risk and Mitigating the Insider Threat
Tony Naples, IAM Delivery Leader
Monday, June 25, 3:50-4:15 pm | Room 312
Managing an insider threat program often times focuses on the technology that monitors and alerts security staff once an insider’s activities have already begun. But what actions does the security staff know/take in advance of those activities to set the thresholds and triggers within the technology components of the program? Or better yet, to decide that the risk of granting access and privilege has become too great, and that prevention and mitigation must occur before the insider ever has a chance to touch the keyboard? In this session, you will learn: • How an individual risk profile can inform your threat monitoring program. • The benefits of infinity background checks. • Using an insider threat working group to guide the personnel behavioral program.

Insider Threat Program Maturity
Janel Shalk, Senior Director - IAM
Monday, June 25, 4:25-4:50 pm | Room 312
Insider threat is the number one concern for many CIOs and CISOs. Whether maliciously intentional or accidentally harmful, the numerous vectors for insider threats make security professionals lose sleep at night. By understanding your organization’s maturity in your insider threat program, the response to insider threats, risks, vectors, and effects can become manageable, while continuous improvement activities can be identified and addressed both tactically and strategically. In this session you will learn: • Common insider threats, risks, and vectors • Potential effects of realized threats • How to evaluate your organizations maturity related to insider threat response

Out Gunned, Out Manned, Out Manoeuvred: Why Identity-Centric Security Is The Only Way to Win
Richard Bird, Client Director
Wednesday, June 27, 8:00-8:30 am | Ballroom
Corporations have spent millions, and collectively, billions of dollars on security programs in the last decade. Hackers, with far less money and far fewer resources routinely defeat these defenses. Not because the solutions are bad, but because companies refuse to put identity in the core of their security framework. We aren't being out-spent; so why are we always a step or several behind our enemies? Identity-centric security is the only way to win in a world where every information security organization is already out-manned, out-gunned and out-maneuvered by the enemy. It is critical to understand that while we are out-spending the enemy every single year, money is not solving the problem. Only re-establishing the core principle of identity as security in your organization will give you a fighting chance. Richard Bird is a widely recognized expert in identity management and control. In this presentation, he will address not just technology solutions for identity, but the changes and improvements you must make in governance, process, design and architecture to truly make identity the center of your secured enterprise.

Identity, Data and GDPR
Ralph Martino, Senior Director
Wednesday, June 27, 9:30-9:55 am | Room 312
According to IDC, Gartner, Forester and IDC by 2022, over 90% of an organizations data will be unstructured. This data has been protected by traditional IAM practices, but it is getting exported, duplicated and manipulated on a daily basis, and losing access and privacy controls. Regulations such as GDPR, SOX, SSAE, HIPAA and others require organizations to have the appropriate technology, people and process to minimize risk, retain customer loyalty, and ensure these business assets are protected. In this session you will learn: • Steps for getting control of the data mayhem • Who are the key stakeholders and where to start • The key components of a data access governance program

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