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 Speaking Engagement

GrrCON is an information security and hacking conference put together to provide the community with a venue to come together and share ideas, information, solutions, forge relationships, and most importantly engage with like minded people in a fun atmosphere without all the elitist “Diva” nonsense. We bring together the CISO, the hacker, the security practitioner, and the researcher in a one-of-a-kind experience you CANNOT get elsewhere.

Accuvant is proud to have John Stauffacher and Matthew Hoy speaking at GrrCON this year.

Are You a Janitor or a Cleaner?
John Stauffacher and Matthew Hoy, Accuvant principal consultants, will discuss how in the wake of several major commercial breaches "DEFENDING" is the new hot topic. The industry had always favored attack and penetration and many people need to understand how to defend and respond to active attacks. With the changing trends in information security, incident response is something that everyone talks about, but nobody really has a good grasp on how to do. Take your incident response up a notch - stop just mopping up the mess and really start cleaning.

For more information on this event, please visit the conference website.