CyberArk Impact 2018

 Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center | Boston, MA

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Attend one of the most engaging and valuable events in cyber security. CyberArk Impact 2018 will include training, thought leadership sessions and countless networking opportunities.

Richard Bird, information technology, risk and information security executive, will be speaking at CyberArk Impact 2018.

Your Insiders May Be Outsiders, Too. Privilege Means Nothing.
Cyber criminals are increasingly using privileged access credentials to breach networks and gain access to sensitive information throughout the enterprise, but have you considered that your legitimate privileged users might be doing more harm than good? Insider threats often operate below the radar of standard security controls, with motivations that are also below the radar, either malicious or in most cases, unintentional. Staying out of the headlines and maintaining your brand reputation requires a wholistic insider threat program that protects your most vulnerable identities, but also keeps abreast of actors, motives, threat vectors and the warning signs. In this session, hear about the role of Privileged Access Management in a mature Insider Threat Program and the real-world best practices for deploying a program that spans governance to incident response.

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