Cyber Security Summit 2015

 Minneapolis Marriott Northwest

 Speaking Engagement


Join us at the Cyber Security Summit 2015. The Summit’s mission is to establish a multi-stakeholder consortium that brings together industry, government and academic interests in an effort to improve the state of cyber security on both a domestic and international level. We believe that cyber security cannot be contained and outsourced to any one sector. Due to the vast scope of cyber threats, it requires active engagement of all stakeholders, including entities and organizations – large and small - across every industry.

We are proud to have Rafal Los speaking at this event.

Losing Battles, Winning Wars — Active Defense Rebooted
When it comes to intrusions and breaches, most security teams take a short-game view. This means that they look at events as discrete and individual and focus efforts on short-term goals. While not universally detrimental, this view does harm the overall security of an organization in the "long game.” Additionally, “active defense” has been hopelessly confused by marketing hype even though its meaning is powerful to security’s operational goals. This talk focuses on how enterprise security defenders can adjust their mindset, refocus, and beat adversaries by leveraging active defense over the long game. The basis of this talk is the extensive research done in support of the threat intelligence solution blueprint, a comprehensive guide to understanding, architecting, operationalizing and maturing a threat intelligence program.

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