Cloud Identity Summit 2016

 New Orleans Marriott

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The Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) converges the brightest minds across the identity and security industry. It is supported by expert speakers, with over 130 master classes and session tracks, sharing best practices and lessons learned from real-world deployments. Executives from industry-leading companies including Optiv, Google, Microsoft, Ping Identity and Salesforce will be headlining the event. CIS is the best opportunity this year to meet in one location with identity, cloud and security experts from around the globe.

Optiv is proud to have JD Sherry, Robert Block, Larry Whiteside, Aubrey Turner and Tim Benner speaking at the conference.

Identity Really is the New Perimeter
Aubrey Turner, Director, Strategic Solutions, IAM
With the proliferation of advanced threats, juxtaposed against increased connectivity demands of employees, vendors, business partners, and consumers; identity is being looked at more than ever as a layer of defense, and in many ways, as the new perimeter. Organizations have been asking who has access and why, but increasingly they are beginning to ask how the access is being used and along with what behavioral elements? In this session, we will focus on outlining the key concepts, security challenges and environmental factors driving this new dynamic. We will share how various types of technology are adapting to embrace this paradigm and deliver high level approaches for the audience to prepare and react to this evolving security model.
Monday, June 6, 4:15pm-4:40pm | Salon E | Track: The Context of Identity in the Perimeter

Identity It’s Not Just a Thing, Its Integrated Into Everything
Robert Block, Vice President, Strategic Solutions, IAM
Have you made an investment in IAM supporting functions like user lifecycle management, identity governance, or single sign on? Was this investment focused on gaining greater automation, remediating audit deficiencies, and enhancing the end user experience? Now what if we told you that same investment could be used to further enrich your investments in Breach Prevention, Incident & Event Monitoring, Threat Intelligence, and management of Mobile Devices. The Identity industry is evolving, Identity is becoming the critical core of any security strategy. Attend this session to better understand how expanding the role of Identity in your environment can revolutionize your approach to cyber security.
Tuesday, June 7, 9:30am-9:55am | Salon E | Track: Integrating Identity, It’s Everywhere

CISO & Identity = (Oil & Water) or (Oil & Vinegar) & What That Means to Your Organization
Larry Whiteside, Vice President, Executive Advisory, Healthcare and Critical Infrastructure
Does your CISO embrace identity and its importance to a successful cybersecurity program? The vast majority do not. How do identity and the CISO in your organization mix today? Find out how the oil and vinegar are not just great on salads, but also vital for the success of a CISO’s cybersecurity strategy.
Tuesday, June 7, 10:40am-11:05am | Salon E | Track: Integrating Identity, It’s Everywhere

"Optivized" Cloud Security - Establishing the Pillars for a Successful CloudSec Program
JD Sherry, Vice President, Cloud Security
The adoption of cloud computing is a clear reaction to enterprises’ need for agility, elasticity and cost-effective IT solutions. In mature organizations, security professionals are in a rare position to address security early on in adoption cycles or even propose more secure alternatives that enable the adoption of innovative IT delivery. Security professionals should first understand what is motivating the CIO and senior management to pursue cloud options and how the current cloud landscape can transform their enterprise’s IT risk posture for better, or worse. Our speakers will inform attendees about the common pillars one should include in their cloud security strategy starting with the identity considerations as well as understanding the proliferation of “Shadow IT” and attacks upon cloud bases services.
Tuesday, June 7, 2:30pm-2:55pm | Salon E | Track: Cloud Security

Keynote Panel: Identity Defined Security – Enabling the R/evolution
Robert Block, Vice President, Strategic Solutions, IAM
The traditional IT security approach of putting trusted users, devices and applications behind a single perimeter is no longer sufficient. In our increasingly decentralized, deperimeterized, 'bring-your-own-anything' world, we need a better approach to protect users, customers, data and assets. In this panel, leaders from the Identity Defined Security Alliance will discuss this new approach to security and how it can help deliver a better and safer experience.
Wednesday, June 8, 5:30pm-6:00pm | Grand Ballroom 

Secure DevOps –Shared Responsibility
JD Sherry, Vice President, Cloud Security
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) assets—from leading providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform—are completely under your control and require you to perform all of the necessary security configuration and management tasks. Today’s IT/Security organizations are seeing the world of IaaS through a variety of lenses depending on the charter the business has given them to transform how they deliver IT Services. To that end, 3rd party cloud services are becoming part of the operating plan for most organizations. In this session, the speakers will walk attendees through some of the thoughtful considerations about how these services can be secured and not slow down the speed of adoption of cloud infrastructure. Ultimately, outlining the shared responsibility model and what can be done to streamline the secure deployment of these workloads across both public and private cloud ecosystems.
Thursday, June 9, 9:30am-9:55am | Salon E | Track: Secure DevOps

Cloud Security Program, Best in Breed?
Tim Benner, Senior Client Solutions Architect
Planning, building, or running a cloud security program? Whether identifying, encrypting, protecting, or securing data in today's enterprises, you're faced with an overwhelming menu of choices: which technologies, products, and methodologies are right for your needs? In this session you'll learn how to design, enact and refresh your program based on best-in-breed approaches and solutions.
Thursday, June 9, 10:40am-11:05am | Salon E | Track: Secure DevOps

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