CircleCityCon 2015

 The Westin Indianapolis

 Speaking Engagement

CircleCityCon is about the community. Their signature offering is the community led training classes offered to all participants. Events and contests are organized by members of the security community, including both CircleCityCon staffers and community partners. Two tracks, incredible entertainment, and technical villages help round out the CircleCityCom experience. Of course, don't forget the chance to meet and talk with your peers about all topics including security, hacking, and the latest superhero movie.

We are proud to have Alex Gatti, Matt Andreko, Thomas McCarthy and Bradley Ammerman speaking at CircleCityCon this year.

Stupid Pentester Tricks - OR - Great Sysadmin Tips!
A good pentester knows how to interact with most systems like a boss. A vast majority of 'hacking' these days comes from misconfigurations, or giant oopsies with the code. We will take you through some of the common pentesting 'tricks' that we use on a day to day basis that lead to massive win. This talk will cover network, webapp, and physical/social pentesting and reveal such tricks as RID cycling - username acquisition - auth attempts with each username and the password of the season to get a valid account on the domain.

For more information on this event, please visit the conference website.