2018 Optiv Leadership Perspective Roadshow: Philadelphia

 Valley Forge Casino | King of Prussia, PA

 Speaking Engagement


Do today's businesses know what their digital footprint looks like in the eyes of the enemy?

Most CISOs, and other security-minded professionals, would likely answer “no.” The digital transformation of business is rapidly expanding enterprise attack surfaces; thereby increasing security, reputational, and financial risk. Modern organizations are combatting a lack of perimeter visibility, in-house expertise, proactive incident response, and the requirement for a cyber resilient strategy—creating prime targets for attackers.

So, what if organizations changed their vantage point? Optiv believes that businesses need to transition from tunnel vision to a holistic view of their digital footprint. And, adopt a new perspective—the enemy’s perspective.

Join Optiv and our partners on Wednesday, October 10th from 11am-6pm at the Valley Forge Casino to hear more on how enemy perspectives turns industry standard processes for security practices upside down.

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